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Exetel is an Australian Internet service provider which provides web hosting, ADSL, VoIP, and a range of Internet services to customers located in Australia. Exetel mainly resales services of a large carrier. Therefore, it relies on the backhaul of prominent USPs to deliver internet services to its users. However, as the Internet is a complex thing, an Exetel outage can happen. 

It can be incredibly frustrating when the site, phone, or Internet, in general, is not working, and it can cost you big time. Here are the answers to the most common Exetel internet outages and troubleshooting questions.

What is an Internet Outage

Internet outage or shutdown or Internet blackout represents a partial or complete failure of internet services. It can occur due to cyberattacks, censorship, disasters, or errors committed by the police or the security services.

Interruptions of submarine communications cables can cause widespread blackouts or slowdowns. Countries with poorly developed Internet infrastructure have fewer high-capacity links, making them more vulnerable.

A government blackout occurs when a government intentionally disables civilian internet access. It may involve a minor area or a large region of its country. This kind of shutdown is typically used to control information during transition or upheaval.

Military blackout is the intermittent disconnection of civilian internet access in information warfare. This strategy is often used today in concert with a ground invasion by conventional forces.

Weather and natural disasters can lead to internet outages by directly destroying local ICT (Information and communications technology) infrastructure or indirectly damaging the local electricity grid.

Many different organizations measure internet outages, including the Digital Society Project, the OpenNet Initiative, Access Now, Freedom House, Open Observatory of Network Interference, etc. These organizations utilize various methods to detect shutdowns, including expert analysis, remote sensing, and remote sensing with oversight.

How Do I Check Exetel Outage?

If you think that Exetel Internet outages happened, check it in the 'Network Status Information' section. If you are already logged in to your member service dashboard, you can check the issue on your status page.

You can also check the updates for planned maintenance or Exetel network outages posted on the Exetel User Help forum. Exetel members can subscribe to planned maintenance or Exetel outages email notifications.

If you are not sure whether your Exetel is working or you have experienced some issue or outage, you can simply contact Exetel support as we stated above. You can communicate with them in two ways. Either call their customer service support or visit the Exetel forum. Behind the forum are Exetel engineers, management, and even customers who, on a volunteer foundation, can provide you with helpful advice.

Where are Exetel Outages?

Outages can happen on any site, platform, or account that uses Internet services. As mentioned above, it can happen for a few reasons: government blackouts, military blackouts, lousy weather and conditions and natural disasters, solar storms, cyberattacks, and accidents. 

Exetel outages can happen on your Internet, mobile, or your phone. In the majority of cases, the most common outages occur due to maintenance services. However, there might be other problems that can take place.

To avoid unnecessary wandering and wasting time, the ExeFix application will help you diagnose and fix network issues in seconds. You will be able to use the app whenever you want; even when the Exetel call center is closed, you will automatically receive help for improving your network.

The ExeFix app will troubleshoot and diagnose any WiFi or connectivity troubles you are experiencing.

How to Know If Exetel Has an Outage?

Simple check if the Exetel is down or a matter of your technical issues. If some personal problem is related to your connection or internet router, simply Google it, and it will be fixed in a matter of minutes. 

Check the current status and outage map if you think the problem is with Exetel itself. Post yours and check reports, problems, and complaints from other users as well. 

If you have any issues, provide the specific problem you are dealing with right now. Select the source where the difficulty occurs, whether the phone, Internet, or mobile, and then choose the area you are located. 

You can also check out the chart of any Exetel outages repost in the last 24 hours compared to the usual volume of reports by the time of day. Besides that, you can even look over any issues that occurred in the last week as well. 

How to Check Cell Phone Outages?

If you think you have problems regarding your phone, just select the report generated for the phone. 

After selecting, on the right side, you can check how many reports have been registered in the last 24 hours. On the left side, check out the chart for any troubleshooting or problems that have been reported by other users. The complaints are registered by the exact time and date of that day. 

Call their support center or contact them via email, Twitter, or Facebook platforms for further phone outages and any other  Exetel Services Outages.

You can also simply follow Exetel accounts and be informed of any outage updates. They will announce the outage time and the exact areas where it will occur. You can also subscribe to their mail and be notified promptly of potential problems ahead. 

What Caused Cell Phone Outage Today?

Exetel, an Australian telecommunications company, has suffered a significant outage today, with customers across the country unable to make or receive calls on their cell phones.

Some customers are reporting being able to text but still not able to make voice calls. Others report that data services are working fine and that mobile internet is also accessible.

The outage appears to be affecting Exetel customers all across Australia. The company's Facebook page has been flooded with comments from people experiencing problems with their service.

Exetel's 4G network went down to most of their customers in Australia, prompting an outbreak of rage among those who use Exetel as their provider. 

Here are the latest updates:

According to one user on Whirlpool, the problem affects all Exetel customers on Optus 4G. The outage began around 9am AEST. This is just one of many recent issues with Australian providers today. Telstra and Optus users have been affected by outages affecting mobile broadband, SMS, and internet services across the country.

When Will Exetel Outage Be Fixed?

Exetel is the second-largest telecommunications provider in Australia, with around 1.2 million mobile customers, 1.2 million fixed-line and broadband customers, and over 400,000 internet subscribers. 

Lately, Exetel's service has been down for users across Australia. In addition to the issues that have been reported, many are left wondering when their service will be restored.

Many users are concerned about being affected by Exetel's recent service outages. The reason for this is that not only has Exetel had numerous outages in the past, but now their services have been affected for the last 3 days.

The Exetel outage led to much frustration for its users. Over the last few days, Exetel has been working hard to fix the issue and restore its services.

They have been tweeting about their progress. The company posted a status update at 4:10pm AEST, stating: "We are aware of an issue with our mobile services and are currently investigating it. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and will provide another update when we have more information."

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